Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Joffrey's Coffee - super awesome customer service!

While experiencing craptastic Bertolli olive oil last week, I also experienced some disappointment with my current order of Joffrey's Coffee

In March I signed up to "beta test" some Jamaican Me Crazy coffee from Joffrey's. In April, I got my sample coffee in the mail. Until Joffrey's, I had been strictly a Millstone coffee drinker (Caramel Truffle and Swiss Chocolate Almond - I hate plain coffee!) By the end of April, I was totally hooked to Joffrey's coffee. It beat Millstone and it beat my fave Tim Horton's butter caramel coffee. And Tim Horton's just hasn't tasted the same after Joffrey's. Since May, my household has been regularly buying Joffrey's coffee. We have also been gifting it - everyone we know that loves coffee gets a bag of Jamaican Me Crazy coffee from Joffrey's.

And last month, I took advantage of a discount Joffrey's was offering and stocked up on three bags of Jamaican Me Crazy coffee. After it arrived though I was super disappointed cause it didn't taste right. It tasted like plain coffee. Two bags were not drinkable at all and the third was drinkable but not of the same quality as the previous shipments. My dad had also just re-ordered (yup, I got him hooked too!) so I called and asked how his coffee was and he said it was the same as usual. See, I thought maybe they had changed something up. 

Since the coffee is $12 a bag, I called up Joffrey's to ask if they were doing anything different and to see if I could get some replacements. I spoke with Rica, who was lovely, and she assured me nothing different has been done to the coffee. And she let me send back two of the bags for replacements! Joffrey's even paid for the return shipping. Rica faxed me over a UPS label and actually had them come to my door to pick up the package (which is nice because Amazon.com charges you $5 for that). So, they picked up the bad coffee on Wednesday and that was also when my replacement coffee was set to go out.

My post on here also caught the attention of Adam over at The Future Buzz. He offered to help me out as well. Thanks again Adam!

And then today, this arrived from the coffee gods, Joffrey's:

Rock on! See that - two bags of coffee AND a french press! How awesome is Joffrey's throwing in the french press?!? While I have not yet opened up the coffee, it smells heavenly - and much better than the last two bags! I suspect someone just got the bags mixed up and some poor person ended up with yummy Jamaican Me Crazy instead of plain old coffee last month. Lucky them!

I rate Joffrey's customer service OFF THE CHARTS! This is really above and beyond. Thanks Joffrey's! I Heart You!

Now - if you want some awesome coffee, just click on the banner below. But I warn you - you will never be able to drink any other coffee again! Joffrey's is THAT good! Or you could just try to get on my Christmas list since I plan on giving everyone Joffrey's! But seriously - there is a promo going on now where you can get FREE SHIPPING on the Pumpkin Creme Brulee coffee. Just use discount code: TRICK-OR-TREAT

Joffreys Coffee & Tea Company

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