Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Bertolli update - customer service is above average

Last week I wrote about how I got some Bertolli olive oil and didn't feel that I got what I paid for. I had the impression that Bertolli was a top of the line olive oil and my experience with it reflected otherwise. I thought there might be a possibility that maybe the bottle I had was a fluke though.

So, I contacted their customer service and told them my story. I had gotten a 25 oz. bottle for around $14 or so that I could not use and I asked for a coupon for another bottle of the same size. See, they have different types of olive oil so I thought I could try out another one.

A few days after I contacted them I got an email saying they were sending me out a coupon and they apologized profusely for my experience and noted that the taste I described was not typical of their product.

Yesterday I was happy to see that I had mail from Bertolli. There was a short note and a coupon for a free bottle of Bertolli. The only catch was that the coupon had a redemption limit of $8.99. That means a smaller bottle than what I had paid for. I find that slightly annoying. But I am glad that I can at least get something, so that makes me happy.

So, overall I rate Bertolli above average for their customer service. Thanks for caring, Bertolli!

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