Saturday, July 7, 2007

Parting with money hurts

I really hate spending money, even on things that I need. Like sneakers.

I've been needing sneakers for a while now, but I hate the price of them so I've been waiting, and waiting. And I get a lot of foot cramps so it's important that I find a pair that are going to be good for my feet.

I found a pair at Kohl's today. I thought they were $45. I wanted to spend no more than $30, but they felt great, so I took them up front.

They rang up $54. Yikes. We bought them, took them home. I said I'd wear them around the house and see if they really are good for my feet. Then I'd take them back and wait for them to go on sale. Then I got to thinking.

While I don't want to pay more than $30, $54 is not horrible considering the non-sale price of this pair and most pairs. And it is really worth the time spent returning the shoes and looking for a cheaper pair just to save $24? I'm not sure. I might just see if they go on sale at Kohl's in the next few years and try to get a price adjustment.

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JW said...

I like your blog. Good Luck In your debt reduction!

I've added you to our blog roll