Thursday, July 5, 2007

Less than stellar alternative income for June

Well, I got a little lazy with my Associated Content articles in June, which brought my earnings in alternative income down.

For June, alternative income fell to $953.87.

Granted, that is nothing to cry about! But, I need to tackle debt better. So, I have a new, lofty goal.

I want to make $2400 in alternative income in July.

That will payoff that Chase card that was given the rate hike recently.

Also, a big shout out to Brett over at Frugal Law Student for signing up for Associated Content using my referral link. $3.00 of that total above is thanks to that, so thanks Brett!

1 comment:

SavingDiva said...

What do you plan on doing for the extra income? I would love to be able to earn even 10% of what your goal is. Tips would be great! :)