Monday, July 2, 2007

iPhone sillyness

On my local news they were interviewing the woman that was first in line at the local Apple Store to get an iPhone the other day.

She said that she had not even planned on getting it and decided only the night before to go wait in line for it.

She said she is happy with her purchase because it is a great investment.

Say what?

Clearly she didn't need an iPhone, and she didn't even really want it since she only decided the day before to buy it. I suspect someone she knows was talking about wanting or getting one, which activated her 'keep up with the joneses' chip.

My other thought - someone needs to buy this poor woman a dictionary and mark the page that 'investment' is on.

1 comment:

SavingDiva said...

I'm not sure the original purchase price, but she could sell it on ebay for a profit.
An ebay listing at about $650.