Tuesday, May 8, 2007


My goals for April were:
Get a better paying job that is closer to home
Focus on business ideas with low startup costs
Make at least $250 in alternative income streams
Pay off next lowest credit card ($159 balance)
Reduce dining out/food costs

How did I shape up?

Well, I have not found a better job yet. I have leads as usual, but still haven't found anything that is a good fit. I did come up with a business idea, but it needs some prep time. I might be able to be running with it by the end of the summer though. My alternative income stream goal, well I busted that one outta the park. I have the cash to pay off my lowest balance card, but I didn't do it cause I got strep and was out of work for a couple of days so I was holding on to the cash in case I needed it. I reduced out dining out costs to only $72 for the entire month. But our grocery cost went up to $430. That is frustrating, but I know we are eating better by eating at home, even if we aren't saving money now. Being healthy will save us money down the road. Right? right!

New goals for May
  1. Continue the job hunt,without settling for something just to be able to stop the job hunt
  2. Increase alternative income to $1200 for the month
  3. Continue to work on reducing food costs
  4. Try to only go to the store once a week in an effort to reduce spending
  5. Stay home more to reduce gas costs ( $3.19/gallon here!)
  6. Pay off that low balance credit card
  7. Get on a regular workout schedule - not finance related, but something I need to do
  8. Organize my desk at home so that I don't make stupid money mistakes like paying a bill late because it got buried (happened in April)

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