Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Debt roundup #3

Sadly, April was not as good for me in some ways as I had hoped. On paper, it looks as if my total debt went up. However, that is not exactly accurate. I used my AMEX Gold card for groceries, my trip and a few other things. That card has to be paid in full each month. So, while its balance is reflected in the totals below, it will be paid in full this month. So, I guess it will make next month look like I made way more progress than I did. Also, my car loan balance increased as I put the payment toward something else this month. And it looks like my student loans had some interest added onto them.

Balances as of April 30 were...
  • Car loan = $12,929.05
  • Student loans = $154,245.33
  • Credit cards = $30,490.40

Total debt = $197,664.78

So, that is an overall all increase of $1288.31 but my AMEX bill that will be paid in full this month is a little over $1800. So, I did make some progress, you just can't see it!

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