Friday, March 9, 2007

Money and jobs

Luckily I scored a job from my interviews this week. Not so luckily it pays about half as much as I want/need/am worth. However, I am taking it since I currently do not have a job since I just moved. I'm looking at it as providing me with some sense of security while allowing me to be picky when searching for THE job. Thankfully it is a job where there is supposed to be a lot of overtime available. So, that will help a bit. I think I will also look for another night job for a while as well. I'll just have to see how the OT is, as it would be more worth my while to get massive amounts of time & a half.

Without any overtime or another job, working 40 hours a week gets me a little over $2000/month after taxes, but my bills excede that by about $1300/month. I just got my MBA, so I'm really looking for something that pays well. I've also had some business ideas that I plan on working on, but that takes time. and capital. However, most of the ideas I've had are low start-up costs. The way I figure it, if you throw enough at the wall, something has gotta stick. My other half responded to this thought with the point that shit also sticks to walls. Oy.

In other mon-ay news, I've also made some more sales on eBay, which brings my net total to about $530.

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