Friday, March 9, 2007

Making money through deception?

In reading the archived posts over at the Unusual Business Ideas That Work blog, I came across a post regarding a guy making mad cash by passing himself off as a screenwriting expert. Living with someone that into screenwriting, I was a bit surprised that I didn't recognize the name Skip Press.

So, I consulted Google....and found a link that appears to be reviews of his books, which basically say he's been defrauding people of their cash for books that are not accurate.

It's sad really. That someone would trick people out of their money by just declaring themself an expert. And the rest of us? Ah, we just go work mind-numbing jobs. :)

I've been reading a lot lately about how people have started their own businesses and no longer have "real jobs." I've been trying so hard to think of what it is that I know enough about that could be utilized in a business. The conclusion for me is, do I really know any more about this or that than anyone else? Clearly it doesn't matter, take Mr. Skip Press for example. People pay for his services. That's a bit disheartening. What if when I realize what it is that I can do, I find that some fraud has already claimed that little piece of the pie? Wanting to do more with your life than work the same 9-to-5 job is quite the chore. Kudos to everyone that's trying to make something happen.

***update*** A search on Amazon for Skip Press also shows him as the author of a modeling book.

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