Friday, March 9, 2007

Ford giving bonuses to employees

I have a small amount of money in a Sharebuilder account that I opened a few years ago. I have my money split between a few different stocks, one being Ford. That stock has taken quite the beating of late so I was a bit surprised to read that Ford is giving all employees a bonus despite their financial problems.

Now, on one hand the MBA grad part of me thinks - kudos to them for trying to boost morale among the employees. Of course, when one gives a bonus like this it sets up an expectation. I think this was a bad move on Ford's part because now when they rebound from this dark hour their employees will expect larger bonuses for weathering the storm.

The stockhold part of me thinks - whoa, wait a minute here. I've been losing money, albeit a small amount due to my small investment, but lost money is lost money. Where is my morale booster? I'm the one that invested in the company.

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