Saturday, March 10, 2007

Feng shui to improve your cash flow?

Why not!?! A new article up at Bankrate points out that feng shui can, and is, being utilized to improve cash flow.

The woman profiled in the article mentioned that she has a corner of her office "energized" via feng shui for money, abundance and power.

"Whenever I need a check to come in, I talk to Lakshmi and light candles for
intention," she says. "If I light a candle and say I need a check to come in
today, it usually will show up that day."

So, this almost seems kind of like she is throwing her needs/wants out into the universe and waiting for it to come to her. Reading this article actually made me think of the million dollar experiment that I read about on Steve Pavlina's blog, which I think he called something along the lines of 'intention manifestation' or something the other.

One of the more interesting things I noticed in the article was the mention of Donald Trump utilizing feng shui. I mean, if it works for a gazillionaire like Trump....

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