Thursday, March 29, 2007

Make more or spend less

Work is the one element in my life that is most directly related to getting out of debt. As a result, I loathe going to work because I feel like it is a form of punishment for my debts. And it feels like it is not helping me get out of debt fast enough. Yet, I am trapped working there because of my debt. No matter how much I don't like going there everyday, I feel like I have to because if I don't, the debt will only get bigger and bigger. Ah, the things we get ourselves into. And to top it off, my current job doesn't pay enough.

So, the simple answer would be - make more money or just spend less. But I'm thinking, why not both? What if I can make more AND spend less?

On the 'make more' front, I have had several job interviews this week - however the catch-22 is that to attend said job interviews meant leaving work early. Thus - money lost. Hopefully, something will pan out in that front. In the meantime, writing tripe for Associated Content seems to be paying off. I got a PayPal deposit of $36 yesterday for a handful of articles - none of which took longer than a half hour to write. It will be nice if I can not only keep that up, but increase the amount of tripe that I am writing.

And spend less? That's almost laughable, yet I still am planning on trying. Unfortunately for the checkbook, this month saw 2 weekends with out of town visitors, which equals money spent that otherwise would not have been spent.

So, for April, the overall goal is make more & spend less. Wish me luck :)

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