Thursday, March 29, 2007

doesn't anyone like free money?

In my attempt to throw out into the world what I wish to receive, I set about my blog reading yesterday and planned on clicking on peeps AdSense ads on their blogs, as apparently some peeps clicked away on mine yesterday and it got me all excited. I was surprised to see that a fair share of the blogs I read have no ads on them whatsoever. I admit I was a bit stumped by this. I mean, people, it's free money. Yes, there's a possibility that no one will clicky-clicky or if they do it could take all year for you to reach the payout amount…but it's free money! You don't get that very often. And if you're using Blogger its oh-so-easy to add some AdSense ads to your blog. So, for the love of god, get some ads up so I can show ya some love.

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