Monday, September 29, 2008

Gas station gift card annoyance

I had a $25 gas gift card that I got from an online promotion. It is one of those gift cards that you cannot use to pay at the pump. So, I went to use it over the weekend. I went inside, paid the $25 and got a receipt showing that $25.00 was taken from the gift card. So, I go back out to the car to pump the gas.

The pump stops at $24.99! It just would not budge up to the $25.00. Now, I know that it is only a penny, but wtf? Clearly the guy inside can make some nice bank if he cheats everyone out of just a penny. And no one is going to go inside and complain about it. I didn't. It wasn't worth my time to stand in line over a penny. But it is still incredibly annoying.

I have another gas gift card to use. And you can bet that I won't be returning to that station!

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