Friday, June 13, 2008

Debt roundup #16

Well, I am a little behind in posting this.

As of 5/31/08, here was where I was at:
  • Car loan = $10,893.59 (last month was $11,502.83 )
  • Credit cards = $18,423.49 (last month was $18,816.96)
  • School loans = $161,225.99 (last month was $161,243.99)

So, there it is. There was some progress, but it was small progress. However, since 5/31 I have paid off a small credit card, so next month it should be under $18,000 which is pretty exciting. And my birthday is later this month so if I get any cash from anyone then I plan on using it to pay on something.

After paying off that small credit card that leaves me with two credit cards. One has a little over $1400 on it at 14.99% and the other has about $16,500 on it at 9.24%. And my car loan is at 10.05%. So the plan of attack is the 14.99% credit card and then onto the car loan and then back to the 9.24% credit card. And as an added bonus, once the car is paid off I can raise the insurance deductible which will lower the insurance cost.

And that reminds me, my 6-month insurance premium is due later this month too. Ugh. That is close to $500 right there. Sure would rather put that money towards debt paydown :(

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