Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grocery store grumbles

I've noticed something the past few times I went shopping.

They don't wanna put the milk in the bag.

I dunno if there was some grocery store memo or what. And I get that maybe they wanna do it for green reasons. You know, use less plastic bags and such.

But I live on the 3rd floor. If I have a lot of bags of food then I need the milk bagged too so that I can carry it all.


change is a good thing said...

:) As a former courtesy clerk (first job) I remember learning that anything with a handle did not need a bag! Whatever! They obviously don't realize how hard it is to carry all your bags, plus the milk. Next time I would just ask them to bag it. Sure, you'll get the eye roll and the sigh, but your milk will be in a bag. Totally worth asking to me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie I am 42 and I am a courtesy clerk with Bi-Lo in Vidalia,Georgia. This september 9th I will be there 2 years. I ask all my customes if they want their milk in a bag and most of them said yes, and the rest of them said it didn't matter. I have gather buggies until my knees was hurting me. I am a all star winner and I am a CORE 4 winner as well. I am the only bagger they can depend on to come in when they call, and I am always going in early when I am suppose to work at a certain time to clock in. I am only part time... Connie Higgs
my email is