Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Smart money is not so smart

So, I saw an article on AOL today from Smart Money on 5 ways to get extra cash fast.

I found Smart Money's list, well, less than smart.

The top 5 ways to get extra cash they listed were:

  1. Borrow from friends

  2. Sell on ebay

  3. Use credit card checks

  4. peer-to-peer lending

  5. dip into your 401k

eek! what kind of advice is that?!?

I'll give them the eBay one. And the peer to peer lending is not all that bad.

But the rest? Come on!

Where is sell stuff on Craigslist?

Where is sell cds/dvds/books to a store that buys those items used?

Where is 'look for odd jobs on Craigslist' ?????

I just can't believe their advice!

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