Saturday, February 9, 2008

My secret to debt reduction success

I sure with that paying off debt was as fun as racking up all the debt was!

You see, most of my credit card debt is a result of a bit of a travel addiction. It was fun at the time, but the fact that I am still paying for it is not so fun.

So, sometimes it can be a struggle to stay on the path to debt reduction. I mean, you get a paycheck, you look at how much you need to gas and food for the week and then you send the rest of it out to a creditor.

It is easy to see how that cycle is less than fun. And it is no surprise that many people fall off the wagon so to speak. It's repetitive and boring. And it's painful to have nothing to show for a week of work since you had to send it all out.

But if you have been looking at my debt roundup reports, especially since my getting serious about debt reduction post at the beginning of December, then you have seen that I am finally making some steady progress here!

It's because I have a secret. My secret to debt reduction success is making it a game. I have been challenging myself. Last month I challenged myself to see if I could get my credit card debt down to below $25,000 from $28,245.41.

If you look you will see that I didn't make it below $25,000 but I was really close at $25,391.73. (But now I am below $25,000!!!) And my new challenge is to see if I can get below $20,000 by March 1st.

It might sound silly but it really works. I think if I was just making payments and not doing this I would be making zero progress. Proof of that is in this blog, just look at all of the debt roundup reports before December. I'd make a little progress then the numbers would go right back up. Well, that's not the case anymore!

So, there you have it - my secret to debt reduction success. Give it a try and I bet you'll see the same results as me!


Mr. Debtbeater said...

As addicted to video games as my whole family is, this is actually something I've been playing in my head with all this debt-reduction effort. I totally need to make it a more "official" game by making charts and tracking progress. Good call. :)

Anonymous said...

Debt can be an absolute nightmare when it starts to spiral Out of control. It best to get some debt consolidation advice if it starts to affect your health through the stress of it all. Then when your finally out of debt try and make sure it does'nt happen again!