Sunday, January 13, 2008

A new theme and new goals for 2008!

Well, I was going to update my goals today and once I got started I decided to just give the entire page a bit of a revamp.

I decided that I was tired of the old colors and such and it was time for something new.

The green seems a bit more cheery and optimistic than the orange. I think I like it a lot better.

I also finally updated my goals for 2008. I'm only, what, 13 days behind!

You might notice it looks a little different.

I wanted to really hone in on the debt payoff focus.

I think there were some pretty decent results last month after deciding to get serious about debt payoff.

And it is weird because for the first time in I don't know how long there is money in the checking accounts and no bills are due!

I have the money marked for paying off a credit card but I just can't pay it yet. I'm gonna wait another week or so just to make sure nothing crazy happens. I'd hate to pay off the card and then have to charge it back up!

And at some point I need to get the brakes looked at on my car, so that will be a unexpected expense for the month.

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