Thursday, October 18, 2007

My personal finance success story

This post is being done as part of the Get Rich Slowly Writing Project: Share Your Story for a Chance to Win a Wii.

(If I happen to win I will sure have a tough time deciding on keeping the Wii or selling it to pay some stuff off!)

My personal finance success story is not so much as story as it is a revelation. See, I am still in the process of attaining financial success. I have a crapload of debt - most of it is school loans. The success here is realizing that I have all of that debt and that I need to do something about it!

It hasn't even been a full year since that realization either. And while I am not making loads of progress on paying down the debt, I am successful in another way.

I have not racked up any additional mountains of debt since deciding to tackle the debt. If you read my blog then you know from my monthly debt roundup updates that some months the debt goes down but some months it inches back up a little bit. The success here is that it is only inching up a little bit.

For the most part, I am still attempting to stop the whole paycheck-to-paycheck living. Sometimes it seems easy but sometimes it seems hard. That is why I have taken some paid reviews every now and then as that is extra cash that I can use to stop the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

I know where I'm going, it's just taking me a while to get there!

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