Friday, September 7, 2007

Smart Car price not too smart

I noticed on CNN Money that the price for the Smart Car in the US has been announced. Can we say waaaaay too expensive for a wee little bit of a car?

I admit, they are interesting looking. I saw a few when I was overseas a few years ago. Back when they first announced that they would sell them here I thought it would be a great cheap car. I was thinking it would probably be around $8,000 or so brand new.

Apparently I am delusional. Heh. $11,590 for a Smart Car! No way! That is total insanity. Not that I would buy a new car anyway. But I still think that it costs too much.

Speaking of European cars, I'd love to have a Mini Cooper someday but no time soon. I need to pay off my car and then sell it and get something cheaper. I'd really like to not have to have a car at all. Life would be so much cheaper that way. Unfortunately there is like zero public transportation where I live. You do good just finding a sidewalk here. It sucks.

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