Saturday, September 8, 2007

Holiday shopping on the mind

Before you know it Halloween will be here, and after that it will be Thanksgiving before you know it and then – the day after Thanksgiving sales! Or as it is better know, black friday. That's when all the great sales are, but the only downer about it all is the whole having to be at the mall at the crack of dawn so you can wait in line for those awesome deals! That is really not my idea of fun.

Luckily a lot of those places that have awesome deals in their stores also have them on their websites, which means no standing outside of a Best Buy at 5 am. Instead you can sit in your pjs in front of your computer! Of course, you also have to get the ads so you know where the best deals are, but that can be done online too! is a website I have just recently become aware of where you can sign up for an email shout out when they get the info on the black friday sales. And as is that is not convenient enough, they also have links to all of the stores right on their site. It is like a black friday shopping portal. I will be anxiously awaiting for word on the Best Buy ad this black friday.

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