Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Circuit city - why?

I have had a Circuit City gift card for some time now and have had nothing that I have really wanted. So, not too long ago the new KT Tunstall album was released, which I wanted, but it was $13.99 the day that it came out. Everywhere was charging this price. I really wanted it but I knew it would get down to $9.99 at some point.

And it did.

In the ad for Circuit City for this week the album is listed at $9.99. Score! So this afternoon I drove to Circuity City to pick up the album with the gift card. Or so I thought. They have loads of copies of the deluxe version that is around $30, but not a single copy of the regular $9.99 version. Coincidence? Probably not.

I walked around the store for a little bit seeing if there was anything there that interested me as I did have the gift card and I did travel to the store. I did not want the trip to be for nothing.

Wow, they are so freaking overpriced on just about everything. And I mean everything. Sigh.

I can order the CD on their website at the sale price, but after paying for shipping I am back to the original price. No thanks.

So, I did some looking around and Buy.com has it for $9.98. Google Checkout new customers save $10 on a $10 purchase. Drats - $0.02 away from that.

I ended up finding an import album that I have been wanting that is normally $18 for $13.98. So, in the end I got both CDs for a total of $16.82 after shipping and tax. yay me.

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