Tuesday, September 25, 2007

35 minutes to riches?

Money magazine has a list of things that you can do in 35 minutes to be on track for riches.

  1. Find out your credit score
  2. Raise your credit score
  3. Triple the return on savings
  4. Stop junk mail
  5. Freeze your credit
  6. Haggle down your credit rate
  7. Upgrade to a better card
  8. Add to your 401(k)
  9. Manage like a pro
  10. Buy a forever portfolio
  11. Find promising funds
  12. Track your returns
  13. Find out if you're paid enough
  14. Run a retirement plan
  15. Estimate your life insurance
  16. Learn your tax bracket
  17. Escape late fees
  18. Write bounce-proof checks
  19. Pay less in auto insurance
  20. Double-check your taxes
  21. Keep more of your paycheck
  22. Get a tax break for day care
  23. Pay less for your cell
  24. Cut drug costs
  25. No more waiting rooms
  26. Burn more calories
  27. Be like Buffett
  28. Save for college
  29. Automate your savings
  30. Get credit, even in a crunch
  31. Read your mortgage
  32. Stop overpaying on your mortgage
  33. Create an insurance record
  34. Curb impulse buys
  35. Spend consciously
  36. Slash recurring charges
  37. Boost your mileage
  38. Find it cheaper online
  39. Demand a lower cable bill
  40. Save on drinking water
  41. Say no to a new store credit card.
  42. Check yes to reinvesting your dividends.
  43. Say no to an extended warranty.
  44. Fill your tank with regular.
  45. Swipe your debit rather than credit card.
  46. Delete any e-mail asking for account information or your social security number.

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