Tuesday, September 18, 2007

4 hour work week

I just finished reading The 4-Hour Work Week over the weekend.

It was a pretty interesting book. The part in the middle about outsourcing everything you can to India was the slow point of the book for me. I am not really interested in letting someone in another country take care of making up with my significant other like was illustrated in the book.

I think a lot of the info in the book is really not applicable to the common person though. However there were some things in the book that would be of value to someone looking into starting a business them self.

There was info on wholesalers and such that would be great info if you were starting a business like that.

There was also some cool info on moving and working abroad, which is of great interest to me. I wrote down all of the websites that were listed in the book on the subject but have not yet looked them up. I was only aware of a few of them prior to reading the book.

While I do not work in a job where I could talk them into letting me work from home and what not the book was somewhat inspiring. It had me thinking of ways I could spend weeks or months at a time in another country.

Of course, that could be dangerous thinking for someone in debt like ;)

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