Tuesday, September 4, 2007

10 best careers based on starting salaries

Now that I am older and wiser I really wish I had paid more attention to lists like Today's Best Entry Level Salaries. In looking over the list at the bottom of the article at the top 10 starting salaries by college major I am a bit shocked to see that there are no health care related positions in the list. I am not shocked to see finance and accounting on the list though. I also like that they gave you some idea of the types of positions someone would have that had those majors.

Here is the list of top 10 starting salaries by major from the article:

Chemical Engineering - $59,361
Chemical engineering grads have the option of working in either the government or private sector in the areas of research and development, design or product development.

Computer Engineering - $56,201
Computer engineers may choose from a variety of career paths from creating new products and services as design engineers to improving existing products as development engineers.

Electrical Engineering - $55,292
Because nearly every industry works with electricity or electrical devices, electrical engineers can work in nearly every type of business, doing everything from designing and building medical equipment to working for the military or department of defense.

Mechanical Engineering - $54,128
Mechanical engineers may work on electric generators, internal combustion engines and other power-generating machines for businesses like equipment manufacturers, aerospace companies, material processing plants, transportation companies or petroleum companies.

Computer Science - $53,396
Computer science majors may go on to work in artificial intelligence, computer design and engineering, architecture, information technology or software applications, doing everything from developing computers that simulate human learning to designing computer software.

Civil Engineering - $48,483
Civil engineering majors go on to work all over the country, and some may spend their entire careers traveling and working on different projects. They may work for traditional engineering firms as well as telecommunication businesses, consulting firms, or even toy and athletic equipment manufacturers.

Economics - $48,483
Economics majors can do everything from private consulting for businesses to working for one of many government agencies.

Management of Information Systems - $47,648
Information systems managers work for organizations to ensure the availability, continuity and security of data and information technology services within an organization; yet, they may also work as business analysts.

Finance - $47,239
Career options for finance majors range from investment banking, helping investors trade securities or manage financial assets, to money management to financial planning for anyone from big businesses to smaller firms.

Accounting - $46,718
Accounting majors often go into auditing and tax services, rising to become controllers, treasurers, financial vice presidents, chief financial officers or even corporation presidents.

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