Wednesday, August 8, 2007

sometimes, I really hate having a car

This month offers a great opportunity for me to pay off a chunk of debt since there is an extra paycheck this month. I am also working super hard to make a nice bit of alternative income to pay off even more of the debt.

Unfortunately my car has decided that it wants to suck some of that extra money over its way instead. In all fairness, I have known for a few months that I would need to get new tires sometime soon. That sometime soon is looking like it needs to be in the next 30 days unfortunately. And I've noticed that when I hit the brakes there is that nice grinding of metal squeal that is not too pleasant on the ears. And I've also noticed that I'm not stopping as soon as I'd like to when I have to slam on my brakes in rush hour traffic. And I need an alignment.

I'm considering trying to find a local shop and seeing if they will give me bit of a discount if I get all of that work done by them. I don't know if that will work, but it might be worth a shot. Of course, sometimes tire prices are a lot more at local shops. And sometimes they don't have the parts that they need for you in stock and you have to wait.

Ah cars. I should really be thinking about moving to a place where I won't need one the next time I move.

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