Monday, July 9, 2007

What I do to earn alternative income

Saving Diva left me a comment wondering what exactly I do to earn alternative income each month, so I thought would address that in a post in case anyone else is wondering.

The majority of my alternative income comes from Associated Content. (disclosure: I make $3 if you sign up via the referral link) The thing with AC though is that it takes a lot more work than most of the other things I do. Last month I didn't write a lot of articles, thus the drop in income. This month though I plan on being a writing fiend. And don't worry about needing to have uber perfect writing skills. One look around the site and you will see that they will pay for anything, complete with spelling errors. The pay rate per piece is supposed to be between $3 - $20, with exclusive pieces paying more. In my experience, non-exclusive and excluvise on almost identical articles have paid exactly the same, so I do non-exlcusive in case I want to do something else with them. The most I have gotten paid is around $11 (I think) and my average is $6.20 per article.

I do a little PayPerPost and ReviewMe. I haven't gotten paid for anything I've done on PayPerPost yet though. And I've made $20 two months in a row on ReviewMe. (referral links below)

Get Paid to Review At ReviewMe!

And I sell some dinky little travel ebooks on eBay every now and then. (edit: I average around $400/month with these)

That's it. I have no secret money-making mojo to offer up. Best of luck to anyone trying to earn some extra cash!


MoneyDummy said...

I'm so confusled! I thought that you had said that you made hundreds each month from your E-book sales. Is it mostly that, or associate content that you do?

shawna said...

I average around $400 on ebay with the ebooks. I'm focusing on more AC currently though. :)

SavingDiva said...

Thanks! I think I might look into AC a little bit. I signed up a while ago, but I haven't written anything for them.