Tuesday, July 24, 2007

proof that college tuition is too high

College is expensive - I know, I have a buttload of student loans to prove it. Unfortunately it was a little too expensive for a kid in Ohio as he robbed a bank to pay for his tuition.

He was caught, of course, and it's quite sad that he did this. Clearly he felt like he was under a mountain of debt that he was never going to get out from under, regardless of his constant hard work. I know, because I feel like that sometimes with my debt, and I suspect I'm not the only one.


Kay Ray said...

I was never able to finish college because of money.. but they just give it away to people that have a green card. I don't care who they give the money to. But if your going to give it to them, give it to your own citizens.

Anonymous said...

Allot of people who come to this country have green cards, and allot don't, have u ever looked at how much it costs to get a green card in this freakin country? I don't believe u have because if u had, you would realize that the process in which to get a green card costs more at times than it does to go to a public two year college. Having family who have green cards i can understand how that can be a big blessing, i myself am ready to graduate from high school and am afraid most of all of the debt i will be in from culinary school. Yes, they should not give the money solely to green card holders however it should be to every person in the country who cant afford it.

Just thought you should know how expensive green cards are before you diss the fact that green card holders get this aid when "citizens" don't.