Tuesday, July 24, 2007

awesome find thanks to delayed gratification

I hate spending money on clothing and related items. I'd like to be able to find nice stuff for a cheap price so that I can throw more money at debt.

I've recently found myself in need of a new pair of pj pants. I wanted to spend no more than $10. I found a pair at Macy's two weeks ago for $10. Got home with them and decided I didn't wanna spend more than $5 so I returned them last week.

Then I found a $5 off coupon for Old Navy with no minimum purchase. I looked online and found 2 pairs on clearance for $10 but shipping was $5, so I decided to find a store near me. Found one and went there on my lunch break today. The same pants that were $10 online were $5.99 in store. I found an even nicer pair though for $6.99. After my coupon and taxes, I got the pants for $2.12. And they are nicer than the ones from Macy's!

Sure, I had to wait a little more than 2 weeks without them, but the cost savings was so worth it! It's almost as if I made over $4 each week thanks to the difference in price between the buy-it-now Macy's pair and the two-weeks-later Old navy pair.

If only this worked with everything. I've been watching for a low-priced laptop for my mom since April. She's a flight attendant so she needs a super lightweight one. And with Vista needing a gig to run well and proper, you just are hard pressed to find a laptop with a screen smaller than 15" and a gig of memory under $500. I'm hoping some back-to-school sales offer up something for her.

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