Wednesday, June 6, 2007

When going to work costs you money

I work in a department of about 20 people, 2 of which were promoted last Friday. As a result, they have decided that they want to have an office potluck this Friday, where everyone brings something and we celebrate their promotions.

The problem?

Taking something to feed 20 people for lunch will cost considerably more than it does to feed just me on Friday. But, you can never get out of these sort of things at work. It's rather frustrating that they just assume that everyone has the funds to feed 20 people. In fact, it was suggested to me that I make a fruit salad or grilled chicken to bring in. Hah! That is way more than I can spend.

My first thought was brownies, cause brownie mix is cheap, but I'd need to buy two boxes of it. That would put me at around $5, but then there would not be anything there that I know I could eat for lunch, so I'd also have to spend money on making my lunch. Then today I had this thought - lettuce is currently onsale for $0.99/head. I could buy 2 of those, some tomatoes on sale and a cheap salad dressing and probably also come out around $5 but I'd definitely have something that I could eat. Did I mention I'm a picky eater?

Anyone else have this problem at work? If so, how do you handle it? Maybe you have a better idea than the salad?

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Babsido said...

Good. I would have also said go for the fruit salad!
I know exactly wha tyou mean! People just assume everyone is like them! We are all as excited about their lives and promotions (relity check: We're not! Or, we don't care!)
Friday all the galz at work were supposed to meet up after work for drinks in the mall. Everybody works until 4:30 but me. I work 12hr shifts, therefore I am more tired, plus I don't drink and smoke pot so I doubt if I'm gonna have as much fun watching them doing all that as they will be doing it, so I told them, Sorry, 'got plans.WEnt home and watched TV (on a Friday night btw - lol