Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Debt roundup #4

May started out really strong with the alternative income, so I had really hoped to have a lot of extra cash that I could throw at the credit cards. Unfortunately, the stream of cash declined as the month wore on. That means there was no throwing of cash at said debt.

Here where I am at as of the end of May:
  • car loan = $12, 994.26
  • credit cards = $29,563.81
  • student loans = $154,004.07
  • TOTAL DEBT = $196,562.14

Slow and steady. Or maybe just slow. That's how I feel about my progress. But I have high hopes for this month. My birthday falls later in the month, and if I am fortunate enough to receive some cash then it can be used to throw at the credit cards. And if all goes as planned, the review me posts will go towards the evil credit cards.

1 comment:

James said...

Oh My. That is a lot of debt. Good luck. Maybe you should just leave the US and default on all of your debt. hahahha. Just kidding. Good luck.