Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saving money by working closer to home

I was talking to a co-worker yesterday who lives out near where I live, only she's about 15 miles farther from work. She was telling me that she spends at least $50 every week filling up her Camry because of the long drive to work. Because of this, she's been looking for a job that is closer to home but has been having difficulty finding something that pays the same amount.

She and her husband apparently sat down and figured some things up and realized that if she got a job downtown instead of out on the west side( where we work) then she could make over a dollar and hour less and still end up with the same amount of money at the end of the day.

After hearing this, I think I need to see how much working closer could save me to see how much less I can make.


rob stgeorge said...

its funny you should say that, a couple of years ago I managed to land a job just a couple of miles from home, we even ended up selling one of our cars and I now bicycle to work. (it only takes ten minutes) the savings run into many thousands of dollars a year!

ChiaLynn said...

I started telecommuting late last year. My commute was about 25 miles each way. Between gas for the car, the approximately two hours I can now spend working instead of driving, and eating lunch at home instead of at the office (because you always want to bring a sandwich, and you always end up going out or picking up some frozen thing at the grocery store), the savings really add up.