Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More than just the cost of gas

As previously mentioned, I’m looking into finding a job closer to home mostly because I hate the long commute but also to save gas money and wear-and-tear on the car. As I started to think it over I realized that there are a few other things that I need to take into consideration as well.

At this job I get weekly overtime. I average out about 3 hours a week, which is around $35 after taxes on the ole paycheck.

How do I measure the time spent driving? Should look at it in terms of dollars or in term of additional activities I would be able to accomplish instead? Then I have this thought – it takes me about 20 minutes to crank out an article for Associated Content. My average payout is $6.18 per article. If I can get home in enough time that I would be able to crank out 1 article a day, that means I could cancel out the overtime effect on my paycheck. But this also cancels out the time I would gain by getting home earlier.

So, if one article a day means I can get a job with no overtime, then I would day I spend about $30 a week in gas that I could save by working closer to home. So, that would mean I could make $0.75 less an hour.

Ah, I just don’t know. Anyone see anything else I should be considering here?

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