Friday, May 11, 2007

willpower...i'm running low on it

Ahh, summer seems to be here, at least according to the weather outside. The warm weather brought the intense desire to travel with it. Travel is always a weakness for me. Truth be told, it's mostly likely the reason for my credit card debt. By that I mean, whenI travel I use credit cards and I frequently travel when I don't have the money. It's a bad bad bad habit that is very costly. So, I'm trying to cut back.

The warm weather isn't helping. Neither is the fact that my mom is a flight attendant and I can get 6 free flights a year. As if that isn't tempting enough, she called me because she has 2 overnights in a row at JFK, which meant if I could get there I could stay with her in her hotel room for free. Ooh the temptation. Add to that my JetBlue flight credit that expires in July. Danger. That's what that is. Pure danger.

But I always spend more than I expect to in NYC. And I was just there on a scheduled visit to see a friend. So, with much effort, I declined her invitation to meet up at JFK and then go shopping in the city. Oh the agony.

When I pay off my debt, I am so using some of those free flight tickets to go to Santorini. Eye on the prize, eye on the prize. That's how I'll pay off this debt.

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