Friday, May 4, 2007

alternative income made in April

April was an amazing month for me as far as alternative income.

I made $913.56. It was almost half and half split between ebay and Associated Content. I've just been selling digital download things on ebay, so that's been pretty easy. Nothing like getting up in the morning and seeing that you made $50 while you were sleeping. But the Associated Content articles do take up time, and I spend most of my "free" time doing articles for them. It sucks, but I'm focused on the end result.

Of course, my trip out of town was around $572, so I wasn't able to apply anything towards the debt really. That is kind of a bummer.

May is already shaping up to be better than April. I'm totally psyched about that. And I don't have any trips planned or any out of town visitors lined up.


MoneyDummy said...

I'm impressed! (And curious, I must admit.) I didn't think that people actually BOUGHT downloadable content on E-bay. What kinds of things are you selling?

Zachary said...

Could you please tell me a little more about this Associated Content site? It sounds like something I would be interested in pursuing. Thanks!