Saturday, April 7, 2007

Quest goals for April & a review of March

For March I wanted to:

*Find a job for now so that I will have some money coming in
*Come up with some business ideas
*Have at least one business idea that I can work on
*Make some money online via things like AdSense
*Sell stuff I don't need on eBay
*Stop buying stuff I don't need
*Minimize dining out and only order water to drink when I do
*Try to pay off at least one credit card
*See how much I need to make to live on each month

Here's what I accomplished:

  1. Found a temporary job for now to atleast have some money coming in
  2. Had several business ideas, but they all take too much capital up front
  3. I made some money online like I wanted
  4. Paid off my lowest balance credit card
  5. Calculated amount needed for living expenses each month

New goals for April:

  • Get a better paying job that is closer to home
  • Focus on business ideas with low startup costs
  • Make at least $250 in alternative income streams
  • Pay off next lowest credit card ($159 balance)
  • Reduce dining out/food costs

I have already been doing the job search. I've actually been interviewing like crazy, the problem is these large organizations that do everything by committee so you have to wait eons just to get an interview. For instance, I submitted my resume for a job at a university on 2/18/07 and it is STILL under consideration with the committee. How frustrating.

For business ideas, I actually have a couple that might work, which I plan on fleshing out this weekend and hopefully implementing.

I've been doing quite well on my focus on alternative income streams. I've been using my downtime at work to crank out some articles for Associated Content. Between that and selling some ebooks on eBay, I've already made $58 since April 1st. My goal is to make $250 this month. (I made $56 last month) But I think with a little discipline I can do even better.

I am paid ahead on my car loan through July since I have been paying extra each month on it, so I'm going to stop paying on it this month and instead pay off my lowest balance credit card and put the rest towards a higher balance card. The way I figure it is the car loan has a 10% rate and the credit cards are higher, so that is good. Plus it will eliminate the credit card payment.

As for dining out, I'm pretty much done with that I think. I've had some absolutely terrible restaurant experiences lately, so I'm in no hurry to return to one. Before I that though I decided that I would only dine out once a week and not spend more than $25 for the two of us. On top of that I have a $25 gift card for Red Lobster and a $25 gift card for Chili's that I got from MyPoints, so 2 weeks worth of dining out will be virtually free anyways.

The thing that might kill my budget this month is a trip to NYC to see a friend. I have a credit with Jet Blue, so flying should be free and I am very close to 2 free Hilton nights. That means I will have to buy some HHonors points to bump me up for the 2 free nights, but it will be cheaper than paying for 2 nights outright. Money will be spent on entertainment, but I knew this was coming up, which is why I am working so hardcore on the alternative income. I hope to make enough to cover what is spent on the trip.

I also managed to go grocery shopping without deviating from my list, which might be a first, and it is very exciting. If I can keep that up the rest of the month, I just might be able to get our dining out/grocery expenses close to $300, which is my goal.

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