Monday, March 19, 2007

Good news - a little extra money

I have started the week out $25 richer thanks to a few short articles that I sent to Associated Content last week. (and the penny I found in the lunch room today at work) Yes, the amount the pay per article is kind of insulting when you think about it, however, it's $25 more than I had yesterday. Plus, the articles were something I had already written when I was working on a book idea that I scrapped, so no big. And they pay pretty quick by PayPal too. So, if anyone out there has a little bit of a writer in on my supa cool link and both of us can make extra cash.

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I've also got some auctions up on eBay that are going to end with some bids. I love getting rid of stuff on eBay, but boy do I hate eBay itself. Last week (or the one before that?), I sold an old laptop on eBay, the winner paid via PayPal and wanted me to ship to Brazil, even though the PayPal addy was in Florida. So, I told him that I could only ship to the confirmed address, he sends me $147 more to ship it to South America. Of course, I knew this was a scammer and refunded his money, contacted eBay and then sold the laptop to the second highest bidder.

Would you believe that eBay has charged me the final auction fee for BOTH of the laptop transactions?!? They own PayPal, so clearly they can see that the money was refunded. Nevermind the fact that I emailed them about this person. And now his feedback says that he scammed another person that actually sent the item just to have the payment reversed via chargeback. Today, I get an email from eBay that they contacted the fraud guy and he says he paid so I cannot get a refund for the final fee. Unbelievable.

So, hooray for the $25 from Associated Content because I need it to take care of the $17 that eBay owes me.

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change is a good thing said...

Great job, I love it when we can make money with out much effort. :) And $25 is better than nothing, that's for sure.