Saturday, March 17, 2007

Coupon frustrations, argh

One of my fave restaurants recently raised their prices to a point where it's not worth it to me to dine there unless I have a coupon. So, I went there today for lunch with a lunch coupon that doesn't expire until the end of April. I used a coupon just like this 2 weeks ago, on a Saturday.

Today, my server tells me that I can't use it as it has to be used on items from the lunch menu, which is onl available for a small window Monday-Friday. Of course, the coupon doesn't say this. And I used the same coupon 2 Saturdays ago.

Talk about frustrating. Experiences like this make me not want to dine out at all.

I suppose I could have asked to see the manager, but it just wasn't worth it as the server had already made us wait 20 minutes just for our bill. I really didn't want to wait another 20 for the manager. And there are some places where you know that it would be a wasted attempt, and this is one of those places. *sigh*

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Johnny Cash said...

Try to see if there is a coupon for you.