Monday, August 10, 2009

cash for clunkers?

I've been reading a lot about this Cash for Clunkers program. I even looked into it as I have an SUV and I would love to be able to do my part for the environment. But it seems to me like this program is skewed a bit. It targets the wrong people. For instance, I really want to be able to do my part for the environment but my SUV is not paid off and it is worth more than $4500. But if I wanted to do this program then that is all that I would get. And if you think about it - who has old "clunkers" that they could trade in and have $4500 be a good offer? In my experience, those people are the same people that can't really afford new car payments. In fact, I know someone that took advantage of C4C and this person cannot afford a new car payment.

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