Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cities With Unemployment Above 15 Percent

Whoa. There are actually cities in the US with unemployment that is over 15%. And that is just crazy. Here are those cities:

  1. El Centro, CA
  2. Yuma, AZ
  3. Merced, CA
  4. Yuba City, CA
  5. Elkhart, IN
  6. Modesto, CA
  7. Stockton, CA
  8. Bend, OR
  9. Fresno, CA
  10. Visalia, CA
  11. Redding, CA
  12. Hanford, CA
  13. Longview, WA


MoneyFunk said...

Scary... considering I was once thinkin' of moving to Bend, OR.

Anonymous said...

My dad lives in #5 and it isn't pretty. Everyone he knows is losing jobs and their houses. Even mcdonald's isn't hiring because they have so many adults out looking for minimum age jobs to make ends meet.

Anonymous said...
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