Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Container gardening

In my household we only eat organic foods. This is more of a mandatory diet requirement than a healthy choice. You see, non-organic foods are sprayed with pesticides, like AuxiGro, that has MSG (monosodium glutamate) in it. My other half has some pretty severe reactions to MSG and that means no purposely ingesting stuff with MSG in it for us. But buying organic fruits & veggies is kind of expensive. $1.99 for one cucumber and $3.99/lb for bell peppers right now. So, we are trying a little container garden on our patio of our apartment. I used some of my MyPoints points to get a $50 Lowes giftcard. And we have spent around $60 out of pocket so far.

In our little container garden right now we have numerous types of peppers and onions, as well as some greens and radishes. Hopefully they all grow! The peppers and onions are looking good but I am worried about the lettuce. More on this little experiment soon!


Sheryl said...

Hi Shawna,

Glad to see you're still here. My daughters were just looking at a container garden last week, so I guess we'll try our hand at it.


Money Funk said...

Here is a good book on self-watering container gardening. I was looking into it myself. Anyhow, even if you garden is not self watering, it has a great section on what veggies will flourish in container and which ones do not do so well.

I found my copy in the library. Frugalistic!

Organic is better for you anyway. Good for you and your other half. :)

Anonymous said...
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