Saturday, August 16, 2008

Debt roundup #18

And now for the other debt roundup that I am behind on.

As of 7/31/08, here was where I was at:
  • Car loan = $10,719.84 (last month was $10,977.30 )
  • Credit cards = $22,119.14 (last month was $20,375.17)
  • School loans = $161,160.63 (last month was $161,160.63)
So, the car loan went down. Yay for that! School loans stayed the same. And credit cards went up again. That is for three reasons really. I bought some Eagles tickets on my card for my dad. He is paying me for them. I bought some hotel reservations on Expedia that will be paid off. And I am doing low interest balance transfers. It might look bad like this for a little bit but then it will look awesome!

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