Monday, June 2, 2008

Saving money rocks

I went grocery shopping this morning. I checked the ad online before leaving and saw that those boxes of Green Giant veggies were on sale. I knew that there were coupons for those on the Eat Better America site. So, I tried to print some. No go. Something is wonky with the site. It acted like it printed, only it showed me a pixelated graphic on my screen instead of actually printing. So I missed out on saving like $3.60 if I could have gotten those coupons to print. But I did manage to get a whole cartload of groceries for only $28.14.

Then I think about those stories I have been reading online lately where peope on food stamps are having problems making $250 last an entire month. I was talkng about this to my mom. She used to work in a grocery store and clued me in as to why these people can't make $250 last all month.

She said the first of the month the food stamp people would come in and load up on things like filet mignon and lobster and other costly foods. Idiots. No wonder they can't make $250 last. And I won't lie - it makes me a bit mad that they eat better than me the first half of the month and then depend on hand outs from food banks for the rest of the month. Someone needs to seriously overhaul the food stamp program.

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