Sunday, June 22, 2008

The food budget looks awesome

So, the month is almost up. And my food budget looks awesome. With a couple of meals of dining out for a birthday I still came in right where I wanted to. It looks like it will be only $250 spent on food for the month. And only $200 of that was at the grocery store.

I attribute the success to finding a 5 lb. roasting chicken on sale for $4.72. I roasted it and we ate it with veggies. Then I pulled the meat off and used the carcass to make a broth. With the broth we made a cabbage and potato soup - and I had gotten the whole head of cabbage for $0.82! And that soup lasted for ever. For lunches we've been eating chicken sandwiches. Then last night we had lime pepper chicken with spicy couscous. And tonight we are having taco salads with chicken - and there will STILL be leftover chicken!

It's amazing really how cheaply you can eat at home. I will definitely be buying more chicken on sale like that. Even at full price is was less than $10.

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