Wednesday, May 14, 2008

best day of couponing ever

Today I went to the grocery store and had like the best amount of saving ever. I got around $90 worth of stuff for a measly $48!

I did my shopping at a local Meijer. I love Meijer stores. They always seem to have great prices. And lucky me, they just opened a new one near me. If you have any opening near you I suggest you go to it the first few weeks they are open. Why?

Well, the first week of them being open they were giving away freebies each day. I got a free pack of Turkey Franks as part of that promo! I also got a thing in the mail for $10 off a $50 purchase each week for four weeks! And at the register a "save $5 off your next purchase of $25" came out of the register when I paid.

Saving money is awesome. Especially on necessities like food and TP.

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