Monday, April 7, 2008

Honest thoughts on credit monitoring service

I have a car that I plan on getting rid of in the next few months. I will more than likely be trading it in for something else. With that in mind I wanted to have a look at my credit report and what not and see what my credit score is. Since I am paying off debt pretty regularly, I also wanted to make sure that was reflected and just see how it affected the credit score.

I signed up with last month for a 3-bureau monitoring service for $15 a month. You can refresh your credit report and credit score every day if you want with this service. I have refreshed it a few times - but not every day!

I found something that is wrong on there that I am working on correcting. I am also keeping track of the credit scores. It is crazy how they jump when something gets paid off. I had a 20 point jump with two of the credit bureaus when a card with a $500 limit and a $405 balance was paid off! is the only service I have ever used, but I like it. It is pretty easy, although it did take me a few days to discover how to refresh the credit report and score.


Comparison Shopping said...

I too signed up with a few months back. Im trying to see how this works but I pay all my credit card bills on time each month and in full. So far my credit has gone up about 20-30 points depending on which one of the bureaus you look at. Im hoping if this continues my credit goes up even more. One thing I cant understand is why there is s such a difference between the 3 bureaus. There is a 60 point difference between my lowest and highest score. I find that very weird.

shawna said...

I know what you mean! The diff between my highest and lowest is around 20 points!