Monday, April 14, 2008

Food problems around the world

A couple of nights ago I caught something on the news about riots occurring in some countries due to either a lack of food or not being able to afford food.

Well, today I came across two different news stories on this. Apparently the riots are for both of the reasons above, but primarily are due to the cost of food.

An article on AOL states that food costs in the US are rising at the fastest in 17 years. That means that in the US food inflation is at its worst point in 17 years. Wow. That sucks. Apparently restaurants are feeling the pain and are raising prices. Applebee's was mentioned as having raised their prices by 3 percent.

Wow, that really makes me glad that I have not been to a restaurant since mid-February. Apparently, I am saving more than I realized.

In thinking about the food problems, I had chalked it up at first to things like corn costing more because of ethanol production. Well, according to this article that is partly to blame but we are also shipping off a lot of that corn since the value of the dollar is so low and other countries can buy our corn for cheap.

The article I found on Yahoo focused more on food riots in places like Haiti and Egypt. I found it shocking that world food prices have risen by an amazing 80 percent over the past 3 years.

Reading all of this sure makes me wish that I lived in a house instead of an apartment so that I could have a garden. Growing your own food has got to be way cheaper.

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