Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hooray for cheaper gas

I was finally able to fill up my gas tank today!

I knew I would need to get some gas when I went out this afternoon. And I was hoping that I would not have to pay $3.45 a gallon for it.

When I checked GasBuddy I saw that the gas stations at the next exit down were at $3.19 today. And none of the gas stations at my exit had been updated since 9am-ish.

So, I left home and saw that the gas stations at my exit were still $3.45.

So, I hopped on the interstate to go to the next exit.

Ten minutes later I was filled up and back at my exit. And I managed to score gas for only $3.18 a gallon. Of course, it is pretty sad when I am thinking that $3.18 is cheap :(

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