Thursday, March 20, 2008

Debt roundup #13

Man, where has the month gone!

I have not even put up where I am with debt for February and March is getting close to being over!

So, here we go. As of 2/29/08, here was where I was at:
  • Car loan = $12,014.03 (last month was $12,264.67 )
  • Credit cards = $22,187.75 (last month was $25,391.73)
  • School loans = $155,444.93 (last month was $155,383.88 )

So, looking pretty good, eh? Well, except for those pesky student loans. They are a real pain, I tell ya. I can't wait till they are on the 'attack list' so that I can be done with 'em!

For March, I would like to get that credit card balance down to under $20,000. We'll see if that happens though as I am putting some money in IRAs for us this month too. And I had to pay a $375 hospital bill from last year. :(

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